About Us

Who are us

Siswoo, established in 2014 in Madrid, Spain, designs Smartphones created to make the customers feel an unique experience, throughout the interaction with innovating design and high technology.
Siswoo intends to be a global brand committed with the development of High Quality Smartphones. Currently, Siswoo, with more than 500 employees, is involved in an internationalization and expansion project, with the main object to be a global company as we consider that it is the only and best formula to commercialize with a guaranteed success all Siswoo products worldwide. Siswoo smartphones are characterized by an attractive and leading design, high speed chips with a unique wide screen resolution, High-Definition camera, a simple and update interface which combine maximum efficiency, ease of use and functionality with the essential guarantee to enjoy your smartphone.

Our Philosophy

SISWOO commitment is to meet all our customers needs by our communication channels like the call-centre, after-sale service, marketing, social media, etc. Following our corporate philosophy to reach perfection, SISWOO focuses exclusively on developing innovative and user-friendly smartphones for consumers, improving what already exists and finding new solutions to satisfy the needs and explore all the posibilities of the digital age.

Our goal is to go a step further on the smartphone industry, providing solid and functional terminals with an optimum durability as well as the latest technological advances and innovative features.