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    Few suspected the Bucks and Warriors would pull off the blockbuster they did, while nobody saw the Nuggets/Wizards/Clippers three-way deal coming.Who came away ahead in a surprisingly active trade deadline? Here are our winners and losers.WinnersMilwaukee Bucks: The Bucks needed to get over the idea that they could build their team around Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut, and this does the trick. Instead of rolling the dice on Bogut’s health when he hasn’t been the same player since April of 2010, the Bucks improved both their short- and long-term outlook with a pretty brilliant trade with the Warriors.In the short term, the Bucks have put themselves in a good position to make the playoffs. Monta Ellis and Jennings are an awkward fit at best, but if anyone can make it work, it’s Scott Skiles. On offense, Jennings and Ellis will lead a drive-and-kick system, and Skiles will live with them chucking away because his offense to NBA 2K18 MT is often designed for 20-footers anyway. On defense, he’ll make sure that the two small-guard dynamic is not a liability like it was in Golden State. The Bucks have the versatile wing players and strong defensive point guard to cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins make sure Ellis’ liabilities on that end are not exposed. The Warriors didn’t. In the long term, the Bucks save $10 million in cap space next year and get an underrated center prospect in Ekpe Udoh who has been a plus/minus maven. If the Bucks decide the Ellis/Jennings dynamic isn’t working, they can easily retool quickly and try something else, and when you factor in health, Udoh on a rookie contract is probably a better value than Bogut on his big deal.Those who don’t like the move point to what Bogut did in 2009-10 and question why the Bucks would give that up, but that Bogut doesn’t exist anymore. Bogut is just 27, but he completely fell apart as an offensive threat in 2010-11 and wasn’t playing any better this year before suffering an ankle injury. Ellis has his faults, but he’s also one of the league’s top scorers and has been a much better playmaker than people realize this to

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