R9 Final Details! We want to know your opinion

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    Siswoo Admin
    Siswoo Admin

    Hello guys!

    As you know, we are finalizing the details of R9 DarkMoon, the Siswoo Smartphone which will equip an electronic ink screen on its rear (among other interesting features).

    When we design a smartphone, every single tiny detail is thought out with the utmost care, so we are currently deciding between these two designs for the side of the DarkMoon, and we would love to know your opinion about it!

    Take a look at the pictures of the prototypes (front, rear and the two options for the sides) and let us know what do you think!

    R9 DarkMoon specifications

    MediaTek MT6752 1.7Gh 64-bit OctaCore
    Android 5.0 Lollipop
    Front Display: IPS OGS 5.5 FHD 1920×1080 pixels 401 ppi pixel density.
    Back Display: 5.0 E Ink 960×540 pixels.
    3 GB RAM.
    32 GB ROM.
    13 MP rear camera with LED flash.
    8 MP front camera.
    2G: GSM B2/B3/B5/B8
    3G: WCDMA B1/B2/B8
    3G: TD B34/B39
    4G: FDD-LTE B3/B7/B20
    4G: TDD-LTE B38/B39/B40
    Connectivity: WiFi, NFC.
    3.000 mah Battery with Qi Wireless Charging.

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    In my opinion the second option looks a lot better! 😀

    The first one looks a bit strange to be honest, the buttons are too thin.

    Apart from that it looks quite good so far, can you already expect how expensieve it will be?

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    Will the R9 have a Micro-SD Card Slot by the way? Would be great! 😀

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      Hi, Werner,
      yes, the Siswoo R9 Dark Moon will have a micro SD slot and will support card up to 64 GB.

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    Hi Siswoo Admin,
    Don’t know if i’m concerned by this message but i have some idea about the design.
    The first one, if the band around the phone is in metal, will be stronger and will have better opinion because of the security about shocks…two screens !
    Really buttons looks too thin and not handy, buttons needs to be felt under the skin.
    Maybe the phone looks a bit more massive with this metal cercle, so a thinner one could be prefered (look at iphone 4-4S)
    The second design need an answer from you: the two proeminence are…screens ? or something else ?
    Don’t look like it’s metal. If it is screens that protect buttons…forget the security in case of shut down on the ground…
    Buttons have the perfect design.
    For me a good design could be a mix of the two design.
    Metal circle with a smooth round groove and buttons from the second design.
    My drawing is not a designer drawing but gives an idea about what i’m telling you about.

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      From my experience, metal sides will not work for this kind of phone. This is because sides are actually the only place where antennas can be placed. Ordinary smartphones have a lot of their antennas placed on the back side of the smartphone, but this is not an option for R9. E-ink display is actually driven by relatively high V/I and creates a lot of interference with antennas.

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    Will it have a USB type C?

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      Hi, Gree,
      no, the Siswoo R9 will not have a USB Type C.

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    A date to relase?

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    Don’t forget the R8 Monster and put all your effort in to the R9.

    Android 5 was promised for the R8 but still waiting.

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    It would be even easier on the eyes if the e-ink display uses the same 300 dpi Carta panel as the Kindle Voyage (http://www.eink.com/display_products_carta.html). Would you consider offering this, maybe in a premium model? I would pay more for this.

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    In regards to the side design, if I had a choice I would vote for neither. I think Apple made the most sensible design choice when they put the volume buttons and power button on different sides, and here’s why…

    Both my Asus tablet and Lenovo phone have the same side button layout as your prototype, and this layout is one of the most annoying things about both devices because it makes usability worse. Whenever I am playing a game or watching a movie, I sometimes want to change the volume quickly, and I would press the Power button by accident because it’s too close to the Volume rocker. This is very annoying because it requires me to do these extra steps:

    1. Press Power button again to turn the phone back on
    2. Swipe to unlock the phone
    3. Press Play to unpause the video; sometimes I even have to restart the game

    Please do not put the Power button next to the Volume rocker.

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    Hi, you already answered to the question about a micro-sd-card-slot, but once again:
    this is not just an option, it will really have both, a micro-sd-card-slot and dual sim?

    by the way, i would prefer side option 1

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    Another comment:
    what i love on my e-reader is a function they call “tap to flip”, it allows you to turn the page reading a book by just tapping on the backside of the reader.
    maybe it’s possible to implement something like this also in r9?

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    What camera? Sony IMX? OV? Other?

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    Please keep size of main screen to 5.5 inches and eink to 5 inches and make sure it is dual SIM and you will have a lot od clients from Europe. Dual SIM to use one phone for work and private. Dual screens to improve on time when reading mails.

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    i choose option 1 on side… i hope it would be a fast charging removable battery and a gorila glass screen display.. and has a glonass support on the GPS system for me its very important Glonass support… if this options will be added it will be a perfect phone for me.

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    I suggest the op add a poll.

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    My suggestions:
    – e-ink display at least 5 inch
    – not a big fan of 5.5 inch phone sizes so for me minimum bezels would be a + (meaning keeping it compact :)
    – if possible bump the battery even more (seen 4000 mah on 5 inchers, but you’ve got already a good start with 3000)
    – back button left, recent apps right on the menu
    – when going for dual sim make sure to cover all the necessary bands world wide (or at least for the markets you plan to target)
    – for the love of god keep the bloat ware at minimum :)

    otherwise you’ve got your self a pretty nice device, wish you luck

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    Will the e-ink screen have an illumination, any led light?

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    Does it support mirroring? i.e. full android operations on eink

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    The phone is very interesting, there is no mention to the audio bit: any specific chip for hifi quality?

    I would prefer the thinnest one which seemes to be the number 2 (is it?).


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    My choice is for version 1 definively.

    A couple of opinions:

    could be nice 5,5″ as min screen (this can update the e-ink display to 5″ as kobo, kindle and so on)
    could be nice if e-ink display could be used to read e-mail accounts and browser as well (at least for easy checking info; I understand very well that can not be used to have a full usage of internet…but for some registration or information yes) YOTA2 can only be used as ebook reader

    best regards

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    Just registered to share my thoughts on this phone, because it looks like just the perfect phone! 😉

    – I know people disagree about it, but keep it 5″! Maybe try to push the eink screen to 5″ too?
    – not sure if this was spelled out already, but eink should be touchscreen as well 😉
    – make the whole android os usable with eink screen only! You should not have to switch to main screen to use any basic app, otherwise battery saving effects would not be that good.
    – I would love to have some decent audio chip in this phone. eink + good audio chip = amazing long lasting music player. You can even use eink to display album art with almost no additional battery drain… Would be so awesome!

    Last but not least:
    – give us cyanogenmod 12 as additional rom! I know this is really somewhat of an extra mile, but for many powerusers rom availability is a rather critical point. Especially as this exeptional hardware will make it harder for user to port their own roms.

    Thanks for reading. Really looking forward to see the device in real life :-)

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    I’m going to say side option two. It looks sleeker and adds a unique look to the already super unique phone.
    Also, I’d advise keeping the physical android navigation buttons.
    How much to you expect it’ll sell for? Will it be available in the United States?
    Let me know if you need any testers!

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    Side option 1 its better looks… With completed sensors specifications from C50 and gorilla glass.. Make it perfect…

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    at the looks of the specs, i would trade my asus padfone infinity A80 and padfone A86 for this one.

    the only thing that bothers me is :

    The Siswoo logo on the back doesn’t fit the phone. Darkmoon was a better name to put there.
    Second : 1,7Ghz octacore, i find the cpu clock a little low, if there’s a unlocked bootlaoder so we can put custom roms, custom kernel , custom recovery etc for overclocking and etc, no problem.

    i will sell my 2 padfone for this one. First wait for the reviews or when i get my hands on a review model i can make review.

    for the rest, keep up the good work as Yotaphone needed a competition producent, the yotaphone is not a good one.
    That screen E-ink reacts VERY SLOWLY

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    Option 2 reminds me of the U-grooved frame on the Elife S7: http://www.gizchina.com/2015/04/05/gionee-elife-s7-impressions/

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    Definitely go with 5″ size.

    Side option 2 is much better.

    Can’t wait to try this one out.

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    Another thing that would really be great: if you could make it water and dustproof!

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    Option 1 looks much cleaner, however if possible it would be nice to have he bigger buttons of option 2.

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    When is this phone going to be available?
    What will be the price of the mobile?
    becuase in site to2c.com this mobile presale with 599$ and is very expensive

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    There is a potential market (a couple of million users in US alone) for low-vision people struggling to use a standard display outdoors, in sunlight.
    The secondary E-Ink display is an amazing option for us (the only viable option to use a phone in sunshine I would say).
    But the way the second display will be used is really important. I guess mirroring the whole Android experience on the eInk display is not possible because of the slow “refresh” rate of the eInk display. So you should invest a lot of effort in really usefull applications for the secondary display. It should not be just a dumb “photo cover” like the inkcase.
    I’m sure you know there is another phone on the market with two displays but it has very limmited functionality on the eInk display (that’s why I did not bought one already).
    I would love being able to have on the eInk display a navigation app, a radio app, an exchange rate calculator or any other apps that are typically used outside. Of course I would appreciate having some simple (optmized eInk) web browser. Keep in mind that some eBook reading app is not enough: you can not compete with the eBook reader market (well established) but you are all alone on the “(smart)phone visibile in the sunlight” market.
    I am a software developer and I strongly think that the key to your dual display phone success is really usefull apps on the eInk screen. Pay attention to your software development and encourage any outside developers to create apps designed for your device (provide a very good SDK and documentation for the second display integration in 3rd party apps).
    Good luck,

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      I guess mirroring the whole Android experience on the eInk display is not possible because of the slow “refresh” rate of the eInk display.
      I’m sure you know there is another phone on the market with two displays but it has very limmited functionality on the eInk display (that’s why I did not bought one already).

      Sorry to tell you how horribly wrong you are 😉
      The Yotaphone 2 (I guess your referrng to this one) has the capability to mirror the whole android os. Regarding to its users, thats one of the most handy features, while the other eink display apps are more often seen as useless.

      So if you did not buy the yotaphone because of its “limited options”, this was a huge mistake. The Yotaphone HAS the capability to mirror the whole android os on the eink screen, giving you endless possibilities. This elliminates the need of most proprietary apps (except of a good looking lockscreen/notifications app for the eink screen that is). Releasing a phone that lacks the ability to mirror android would be the worst mistake you could do, because it limits the use of the secondary screen drastically compared to the dual screen phone already on the market…

      Long story short: even though i believe the last user commenting meant only well, please ignore his contra productive tips and do the exact opposite! :-) Nothing personal.

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    1. Caמ you add 3G WCDMA B5 = 2 of the 3 operators in IsraeL use this, B8 used only by one
    – see

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      This 3G WCDMA B5 is also is used also for Philippines, Hong Kong & Thailand

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    Regarding audio – Can it be dual speakers? On the top and bottom

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    You may consider add a pen like Galaxy Note has!!! It can used for quick entries, especially on the e-ink right side – and you have a place in this side to place the pen as it is smaller then the actual side.

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    hello siswoo admin am ilies mana this is my blog th3professional.com you’ll find my youtube channel i ask you to send me products to makeeviews on it and for the r9 i see if you can change the design maybe like xiaomi mi4 i suggest that

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    Hi Siswoo! What is the quality of sound in the headphones and speakers?

    P.S. Side option 2 is better and 599$ is defenitely too expencive.

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    Good day, Siswoo!

    I like the first variant (v.1), but the buttons have to be a little bigger.

    In my view the Hi-Fi audio section is not important in such devices. It is important functional second screen. All additional complications affect the price of the device.
    The screen diagonal of no more than 5 “. Otherwise, simply buy a normal reader. It smartfon rather than a tablet.
    Backlight E-Ink display is not required. In the absence of light can be read on the main screen.
    Most importantly, the ratio of price – quality!

    Yotaphone 2 – very nice smartphone! He was the first in this direction! But it is unfortunately too expensive for me.



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    I was searching for e-ink displays when I discovered Siswoo. I can’t wait to see the release of the DarkMoon!
    I have a few questions:

    • What is the manufacturer part number of the NFC IC?
    • Is there a secure element on the phone or as part of the NFC IC?
    • Do you have an RSS feed I can follow?
    • What is your policy on rooting?

    Personally I think Side Option 2 may accumulate more dirt over time vs Side Option 1. Can you post more photos with less glare? I can’t make a decision based on what I can see in the photos.

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    I like the first variant (v.1), but the buttons have to be a little bigger.

    Im tinkering between this and yotaphone 2.

    Additional Features: (not mentioned yet?)
    Removable/Switchable battery?

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    Do not forget to add the 1700 Mhz band (4) to use 4G worldwide including America

    With this inclusion this smartphone would be complete

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    Siswoo Admin
    Siswoo Admin

    new pics

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    I’m a little confused…
    The specifications for this phone say ‘MediaTek MT6752 1.7Gh 64-bit OctaCore’. Isn’t the MT6752 a 64-bit quad-core SOC?

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    – mtk6752 is ok even if with helio x10 would be more up-to-dated
    – microSD is mandatory due to saving & moving your e-book.
    – primary display fullHD of course
    – i need dual sim too

    nothing else 😉

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    Side option 2 looks better :)

    Also you may not include it this in your phone – but VKWorld has released a phone with 6050 mah battery (VKWorkd Vk6050)- your phone would be a real flagship killer if it had that capacity as it would probably last a week- however not sure if you could still maintain the form factor.

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    I vote for option 2

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    Will this phone has a true phone case designed or it. I have the Longbow C55 and love the phone but super disappointed that you can not by a true protective case for it anywhere. The generic flip cases are a joke.

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    I want to know how the e-ink screen works.
    Can e-ink screen be disabled and enabled?
    If so, it would be great.

    I wish battery could be bigger.

    And where is the headphone jack? At the bottom or top?
    Please have it on top. If the jack is at the bottom,
    it is so hard to hold the phone properly.

    And no need to update all the time, but pls have a stable firmware.

    And how much?

    Can’t wait the device.

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    I have the following two questions about siswoo r9 darkmoon:

    1. Is the EPUB-format supported? Please consider, EPUB is the most common standard for ebooks worldwide. All public libraries use this format (at least in Germany). Therefore, the support of EPUB is crucial for the success of a smartphone with E-Ink screen.

    2. Will you also cooperate with german retailers? I would prefer to buy with a german dealer.

    Thank you very much for your reply.

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    I think Side opinion 2 is the better one!!!
    Here I saw a nice test of R9!
    This one looks really good! Please only 5 inch
    Dont forget, R8 Monster also had 5,5…
    I think its better to use smartphone with one-hand!

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