Root SISWOO Cooper i7 – SuperSU – KitKat 4.4.4

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    Hello guys,

    just Root your SISWOO Cooper i7 now.

    Download Kingo Root and follow the steps of my video. For now this procedure is only valid for KitKat Rom 4.4.4.

    Kingo Root download link |

    Enjoy ¡¡



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    Sorry it does not work. Root is lost after every reboot.
    I’m not the only one with that problem. Somebody in a German forum has the same problem.

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    Hola Jose,

    First, thanks for the advise & videos you post. They are always clear & very helpful.

    Second, I was nursing the latest 5.0 version (September) til one too many bugs popped up. I followed your videos for flashing 4.4.4 w/custom recovery & rooting. I got root, verified with rootchecker. Every time I try to install supersu (chain fire), I cannot get the binary update. And, I lose root & have to run kingoroot again.

    I run supersu. I get the popup that it has been granted root access. I get the popup that the binary needs to be updated. If I click “normal,” I get a fail message. If I click the other option, I get the popup that supersu will try to restart in recovery mode, then nothing happens when I click OK. In both cases, I have to reroot with kingo. Rooting is new to me. I’m using it primarily so I can run apps like titanium back up & get rid of bloat.

    What’s the difference between supersu & kingo’s version? Should I care?

    Thanks for the advice, John

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