The Bucks need scoring to mmogo


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    The Bucks need scoring and [url=]NBA Live Coins[/url] Ellis certainly provides it. Throw in the cap savings and the addition of Udoh, and this feels like a win/win/win for the Bucks.Portland Trail Blazers: They didn’t quote blow it up all the way, since Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford are still on the roster, but getting a lottery pick for Gerald Wallace is an incredible coup, and there was no point keeping Marcus Camby around anymore. Los Angeles Lakers: Ramon Sessions is a massive upgrade on their existing point guards, and the Lakers will still able to stay salary-neutral by moving Luke Walton on to Cleveland. Moving Derek Fisher, while surprising, was a good long-term move to at least get a warm body to back up their starters in Jordan Hill. The only assets of any consequence that to Buy MU Legend Zen were lost were two low first-round picks that the Lakers were probably going to sell anyway. Neither move was sexy, but both make the Lakers much better.Boston Celtics: They played this right: ask for the moon for their aging stars, and if they didn’t get it, make one last run in a potentially chaotic playoffs before really moving forward this summer. As Paul Flannery of WEEI wrote several weeks back, the Celtics already were blown up. Just look at their cap situation. If a tremendous deal for Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett didn’t present itself, why force it?Los Angeles Clippers: Nick Young is definitely a flawed player, but for the low price of Brian Cook and a second-round pick three years down the line, how could they not make that move?Houston Rockets: Sure, they keep riding the mmogo treadmill of mediocrity, but nobody accomplishes dual goals better than Daryl Morey. Camby has lost a step this year, but the Rockets gave up nothing of consequence and get an excellent backup center at the very least for a potential playoff run.

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